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EMERALD Carbon Guitars

Built from carbon composite and carbon fibre Emerald Guitars are super strong, tough and durable, super light too and a guitar that will not be affected by extremes of heat, cold or from dry, humid or wet environments. Wherever you go they will play right and sound right and you will want to pick it up and play.
Emerald, who you might guess are an Irish guitar manufacturer, have a fine and expanding range of guitar and bass instruments. Now with many years of experience designing and building in carbon composites, nobody knows better how to get the best from these fantastic materials.
These are great playing, compact and very tough, top quality instruments that you will be happy to take on stage or to the studio but better still you can take these into places you would perhaps never take a standard guitar.
With an Emerald sailing, camping, climbing, trekking, cycling or walking need no longer be off limits. An Emerald will be at home in the desert, at the pole, up a mountain, in the rain forest or your living room and on a stage. 

As Emerald dealers we can obtain any model of guitar in any colour or specification. Contact us for current lead times if the model you require is not in our stock. We will be pleased to quote for any model with delivery included in the price. 

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Emerald X5-OS Opus Electro - Black
Emerald X5-OS Opus Electro - Black

For many people the key features of a "travel" guitar are size and weight but for others it means a guitar that will survive and excel in adverse conditions ... water, heat, sand, dirt and rough handling and these are the characteristics that have made the Emerald X5 the best selling of the Emerald Guitars products.

The offset soundhole X5-OS with its new 24 inch scale repositions the bridge closer to the centre of the sound board where it can best transmit and amplify the string vibration to produce a warmer and bigger sound so it is an even better finger style and rhythm instrument.

The X5-OS retains its slim and comfortable neck profile and it now has a slightly wider 1.75 inch width nut and 24 playable stainless steel frets and it is super compact, lightweight yet almost indestructible - an ideal travelling companion.

Immense care and thought has gone into the design and manufacture of these top quality instruments. The X5-OS features new cosmo black Gotoh 381 machine head tuners, along with Graphtech saddle, nut and bridge pins to help you get the most out of your guitar.

This model is one of the Opus specification and it features Gotoh machine heads, an exposed carbon polished top with black back and sides but upgraded with a factory fitted B-Band A3T pickup/EQ with integrated tuner.

So, whilst you may be choosing your X5-OS primarily as a travel guitar you will find it a very rewarding instrument and a compliment to any collection so be ready to play it daily - travelling or not. Supplied complete with a compact custom Emerald gig-bag giving great protection for the guitar and comfort for you.

This is an Opus X5-OS  model, with added B-Band EQ and finished in Carbon Black.


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Emerald X7-OS Artisan - Red
Emerald X7-OS Artisan - Red

The X7-OS design permits the perfect placement of the bridge in the sweet spot of the soundboard with the soundhole offset and positioned with dramatic effect to where it vastly improve the sound projection for the great benefit of both the player and audience. You will be amazed that such a compact body can produce such glorious sound.

With the new Artisan specification the X7-OS gains a truss rod and a B-Band A3T EQ and pickup is factory fitted as standard. These are  the perfect compliment to this guitar so you will be delighted by its power, clarity and warmth when you hear it amplified.

Now, when you consider its compact size, light weight and near indestructible construction we hope you will agree that an X7-OS makes a great purchase for any travelling or working and performing guitarist. Better still, you can take this and use it in places you would never ever think of using a conventional guitar.

This one is finished in Carbon Red and because it uitar to turn heads and certainly the best X7 that Emerald have yet produced.

 Our next X7-OS is built and awaiting ONE TUNER from Gotoh! Expected any day. Order now. 

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Emerald X20-OS Opus Electro Black
Emerald X20-OS Opus Electro Black

Now this is one amazing and seriously good guitar and everyone that has tried an X20-OS has remarked on its great looks, feel, balance and superb tone.

The X20-OS is the latest model in the Emerald Guitar line up and in many ways it is a revolutionary design yet one which incorporates all the experience and latest thinking from a maker who has already pushed the boundaries of high quality guitar design a very long way indeed.

So it's also a guitar designed for the modern player, respecting tradition yet exploiting the the skill of the maker and the new capabilities of the material and construction techniques employed. 

The X20-OS demonstrates a new freedom of design offered by Emerald's carbon moulding technology so you will experience significant ergonomic benefits in the forearm bevel and the shaped cutaway giving improved access to the fretboard. Less noticeable, until you play it, is the unique asymmetrical back contour that allows the guitar to sit comfortably and securely on your leg when seated.

The neck too has been given a very comfortable shallow C profile with a 1¾" nut and the heel has been massively reduced in profile to give superior access to the high frets and there are two octaves, 24 frets on this guitar.

The X20-OS has a big voice, developed with a new laminate structure to give it a rich full sound and the unique offset sound hole placement it gives wonderful projection to the player as well as audience.

So a guitar that is a major step forward in so many ways and whilst its full size would normally disqualify it from being included here as a “travel” instrument we know that it perfectly fulfils the role of a big, tough, 1st class performer’s guitar that will take and shrug off the knocks and bangs of life on the road and life on stage. In fact any and all of the activities that so quickly ruin a traditional wooden guitar.

This guitar is the latest OPUS specification but with a factory fitted B-Band pickup & EQ upgrade. This guitar features a high gloss exposed carbon top, with crystal ice  finish to the back and sides, Gotoh tuning machines, Graphtech, nut, saddle and bridge pins, a B Band EQ with integrated tuner and comes in an Emerald custom gig bag.

We have chosen to stock our preferred Opus spec on the X20-OS model but with the added factory pickup/EQ option included - we are confident that you will be impressed.

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