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The now ledgendary Pignose name was made famous for the range of great amplifiers that brought their own style and tone to the world of rock and blues and they are firmly established as favourites amongst old and new rockers alike.

Pignose have infused this range of guitars with the same philosophy that made their amps so unique.   A Pignose guitar is not the smallest or the lightest guitar in our range but no other guitar really has the same kudos whilst providing so much fun but also with a serious persona and none has the flexibility of this little baby. And what value too.

Play a Pignose guitar through an amp, play it through headphones, play it through its built-in amp and speaker.

If there is another guitar that appeals to such a broad range of players or one that is infused with more fun than a Pignose - then we have yet to find it.


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Pignose PGG259 Deluxe in White
Pignose PGG259 Deluxe in White

Whilst the Pignose PGG259 Deluxe in black remains one of our favourite guitars and a best seller too are stoked that we can also offer you this all new 2015 deluxe version finished in gloss white. The finish is complemented with gold coloured hardware, special large inlaid block mother of pearl neck position markers and a white and black stripe binding running right around the body, neck and headstock, all elements that contribute to the sophisticated look and feel to this already awesome guitar. 

The Pignose PGG259 Deluxe has a 24¼ inch scale, a 22-fret fingerboard with bolt-on maple neck, fixed bridge with fully adjustable saddles and both standard ¼ inch and 3.5mm output jacks which allow the guitar to drive headphones as well as a regular amp. The Pignose people say, "this guitar puts all the funk, grit, and power of a Pignose amplifier right inside a very playable, kickin' little guitar. Simply pull on the famous Pignose knob, crank it up, and the famous Pignose sound comes straight out of the guitar and into your face!"   Well, we would have toned it down just a bit but we agree with the sentiments completely.

The Deluxe version PGG259 features a humbucking pickup, built-in amp, and metal Pignose volume control (push-pull on/off switch) and a gutsy one watt amplifier, powered by a 9-volt battery.

Truly a great guitar in any application...on stage, back stage, recording sessions, on the road, in your hotel room, halls of residence, office, taxi cab, truck or simply on your lunch break, or in-between lectures. So wherever and whenever the urge to play hits you your guitar can be there! 

And with nothing to plug in (unless you just want to) just pick it up, turn it on and grin.  

Serious fun.  

 IN STOCK - last few now remaining ...  

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Pignose 7-100 Amplifier
Pignose 7-100 Amplifier

And for those that want the Pignose sound but don't have the pleasure of owning a Pignose guitar ......

Created in 1972 and famously used by Frank Zappa, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and many others, the Pignose 7-100 guitar amplifier answers a worldwide demand for a high quality, economical and completely portable amplifier and it gives the electric guitar the same mobility as the acoustic weighing only five pounds! You can even attach a standard guitar strap and sling the Pignose over your shoulder.

Powered by six AA batteries (not included) or by an external AC adapter (not included) which is easily stored inside the amplifier case.

It's a Practice Amp: With a Pignose, you can practice anywhere at any time. It features a full array of tones from clean to crunchy.

It's a First Amp: The Pignose 7-100 combines economy with quality and will never outlive its usefulness when you buy up to bigger amps. It will always be handy for traveling and for working on quick ideas on the road. And it has a pre amp out jack!

It's a Studio and Performing Amp: The Pignose 7-100 sound is so good that many players use it as a preamp in stage and studio performances. This is done by sending the pre amp out signal to a bigger amp or PA (for stage performances) or to the recording console (for recording).

It's the Ultimate Portable Amp: This is the one that started it all more than thirty years ago.

Yes, the powerful little Pignose, with its distinctively funky Pignose sound, has been on call in countless recording studios, rehearsal halls, dressing rooms, dorm rooms and backyards around the world since the rockin' seventies. Get tones from clean to pig-filthy with the turn of the coolest volume knob in the world.

5 watts of gigantic earth shattering power,  a 5" loudspeaker, AC/DC operation. Requires 6 AA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter, which is also available for purchase in the Accessories section of our website.

(all the above superlatives are by Pignose - we ourselves are a little more reserved and we simply think that this is a really great go-anywhere and sturdy little amp that is always going to be a useful and fun bit of kit to own - and that every home should have one!).


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Pignose GUITAR Gig Bag
Pignose GUITAR Gig Bag

This custom Pignose gig-bag is specially designed to keep your precious little piggy safe whenever you take it out on the road.

Padded for extra protection this bag also features two carrying handles, two back straps and a good sized accessories pocket on the front.

Made from a durable PVC with a lined and padded fabric so the bag is also water resistant.

Suits all the Pignose guitar models (PGG100, PGG200, PGG257T and the PGG259 Deluxe) and several other smaller guitars too and is the same as the bag we supply bundled with the Pignose Guitar range.

A must.

 Sorry, currently out of stock 

Keep your Piggy safe - back soon 
3 results.
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