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  • Traveler SPEEDSTER - Candy Apple Red@@<p>
	Superb, full scale, super compact, light weight electric guitar with hot dual rail humbucker and tone.</p>
	Stage, studio, home, office or hotel....</p>
	Plays great.</p>
	Looks great.</p>
	Sounds great!</p>
    Traveler SPEEDSTER - Candy Apple Red

    Superb, full scale, super compact, light weight electric guitar with hot dual rail humbucker and tone.

    Stage, studio, home, office or hotel....

    Plays great.

    Looks great.

    Sounds great!

    In Stock Now 
  • JUST ONE MORE - T Shirt@@<p>
	So, how many guitars does a guitarist need?  JUST ONE MORE!</p>
	Our famous T-Shirt speaks for itself.</p>
    JUST ONE MORE - T Shirt

    So, how many guitars does a guitarist need?  JUST ONE MORE!

    Our famous T-Shirt speaks for itself.

    Medium, Large, XL & 2XL 
  • Pignose PGG259 Deluxe & Gig Bag@@<p>
	The unbeatable Pignose DELUXE PGG259 is here now.</p>
	EVERY HOME should have one of these!</p>
    Pignose PGG259 Deluxe & Gig Bag

    The unbeatable Pignose DELUXE PGG259 is here now.

    EVERY HOME should have one of these!

    Including a Pignose bag! 
  • Snap Dragon e-FLITE@@<p>
	A full 25½ inch Fender scale electric guitar.....</p>
	That folds up into cabin bag size.</p>
	Yes, even on Ryanair.</p>
    Snap Dragon e-FLITE

    A full 25½ inch Fender scale electric guitar.....

    That folds up into cabin bag size.

    Yes, even on Ryanair.

    In Stock Now 
  • Premier VAOM1C Cutaway & Pickup@@<p>
	Choose a <strong>Premier Series</strong> guitar when you travel to make music or perform.</p>
	This VAOM1C is a top of the range professional class OM style cutaway featuring just solid tone woods and the very best appointments.</p>
	When you want the best.</p>
    Premier VAOM1C Cutaway & Pickup

    Choose a Premier Series guitar when you travel to make music or perform.

    This VAOM1C is a top of the range professional class OM style cutaway featuring just solid tone woods and the very best appointments.

    When you want the best.

    In Stock Now 
  • Sinsonido AS101S MH Steel@@<p>
	Also nylon Classical and hybrid models.</p>
	Built-in stereo headphone amps, detachable body frames.... </p>
	Perform, practice and travel.</p>
    Sinsonido AS101S MH Steel

    Also nylon Classical and hybrid models.

    Built-in stereo headphone amps, detachable body frames.... 

    Perform, practice and travel.

    Available here today 
  •  Furch LJ10 Acoustic Guitar@@<p>
	Top quality guitar </p>
	Hand built in Europe</p>
	Airline cabin friendly</p>
	Acoustic & Electro versions</p>
    Furch LJ10 Acoustic Guitar

    Top quality guitar 

    Hand built in Europe

    Airline cabin friendly

    Acoustic & Electro versions

    Back mid APRIL. Reservation advised. 

Just how many guitars does anyone really need? "Just One More" we say and with the benefits and pleasure of our travel guitars we think you too will agree.

We are very different from a typical guitar store. We love these instruments and we believe in simple, friendly and good old fashioned service. We expect to provide guidance and advice to anyone from complete novice to professional player, before and after purchase, new or used, in person, by phone or by email, however you prefer. Welcome to the home of the travel and folding guitar where we offer the best instruments, often exclusively, from the largest selection of these innovative guitars, each one designed to make travel easy but also for performance, practice, composition and fun.  

Watch our new video ...

We teamed up with Snap Dragon Guitars and our favourite bluesband Smokestack  to demonstrate a little of what a folding guitar can do.

So what could one of these do for you?

Buy with confidence as we are proudly UK based, about one hour from London but we deliver all these great guitars and essential supporting accessories right across the United Kingdom and Ireland, all of Europe, Scandinavia and much further afield too with daily shipments to customers across the world including the USA and Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia, the Middle East.

We have our showroom too so if you want to try one first then come and see us. But please, always contact us first as we work only by appointment. That way you can relax with as much or as little assistance as you want while you try any or all of our large range of travel, practice, folding and collapsible guitars and carefully chosen accessories.


When you're going somewhere tough on a guitar plan to take an Emerald. These Irish carbon composite guitars can't be beat when things get rough, hot, cold, wet or dry. Better still they sound great and look cool.

Full range of carbon composite guitars by Emerald

No matter what or how you play, classical, folk, blues, jazz, reggae, country, rock or metal, right handed or left hander, we will have the best travel guitar or bass to suit you and now even travel ukuleles.

But you really don't need to be a traveler to appreciate any of these guitars. Some are almost conventional and others very radical in design. So if you seek a folding guitar, a collapsible guitar, one that dissasembles or is headless, made from carbon fibre or designed to float then you have come to the right place but if we don't have it then tell us and we'll go and find it. 

All our guitars are first and foremost great instruments. They are designed to be light and compact but with great playability in any situation. They are just as great at home, on stage, in the office, in a hotel, or on a plane. Play using headphones and you don’t need to disturb anyone else (unless you want to) so for practice they are perfect.

We also have an ever changing used section where we try to keep a varied range of travel guitars and basses with makes and models such as the Yamaha Silent guitar, original Hofner Shorty, Erlewine Chiquita, Fernandes Nomad, Kay K45, or Ashbory bass in addition to our stocked makes.

With a huge range of very different customers including professional gigging musicians, music teachers, buskers, new students of the guitar (young and mature), gifted amateurs, air crew, seamen, plumbers, soldiers we have learnt a lot and you will find our products being used in dentists’ surgeries, fire stations, trucks, oil rigs, underground stations, cockpits, tents and barracks, ships, flats, houses, hotels, theaters, stages and clubs all over the world.

Want to know more? Have some questions? Want to try a folding guitar yourself? Don’t hesitate to telephone or email us, as many times as you want! We are here to answer your questions and discuss your own specific needs.

We know it can be difficult to decide which product will suit you best so we try to provide full and complete product descriptions on-line too and where possible we give you links to product reviews, videos and demonstrations.

Want to try one first? Can't decide? No problem, give us a ring and come in and see us, we are really easy to get to by car, train or bus.  We are in Hove, just minutes from Brighton town centre and the fantastic sea front. See our CONTACT US page for road and rail maps.

Remember too that if you order one and it does not suit you - for any reason - simply return it to us in new condition for a refund. And don't forget ... we will always try to buy back or trade-in at a later date should you want to upgrade or try something different. 

Want to know more about us? See what some of our customers have said about us here...


Meet the family - the Snap Dragon family that is.  An amazing range of innovative folding guitars that make travelling with a full scale instrument a breeze.

What Our Customers Say

What's New ?

Be amazed by the Evertune equipped Snap Dragon Tripper Professional - IN STOCK again now.

We now stock the superb Furch LJ10 with the factory fitted LR Baggs EAS VTC pickup system - a top quality instrument that is easily the best, most compact, aircraft cabin friendly acoustic guitar currently available.


And here is our very latest arrival the Journey Instruments Overhead electro acoustic with detachable neck to make it another great aircraft cabin friendly.guitar.


Complete with a backpack style cabin case with room for your laptop, iPad and spare shoes and socks.



And not just guitars either ....

We're always looking for anything that will compliment our guitars and amongst the neatest and newest are the superb new Yamaha THR amplifiers. 

These are seriously good, using the latest digital audio technology to outperform most traditional guitar amps. Take a look ....

Or these headphones with built-in guitar/bass headphone amp from VOX.